The VS102 Electronic Vibration Switch is designed to be the cost effective solution for vibration switch applications.
VibroUnit-FFT, the innovative condition monitoring module from kmo turbo, breaks new ground by establishing a basis that now makes comprehensive frequency-selective 24/7 online monitoring economically viable.

The dream of every vibration diagnostician and every operating engineer is to know the history of vibration characteristic values, i.e. their temporal development! Now this dream has moved within reach:

The innovative VibroUnit-FFT condition monitoring module ensures that frequency-selective vibration values are permanently determined, saved and transmitted via bus to the control system or SCADA system in order to facilitate a cost-efficient monitoring and recording of vibration values.

-  The characteristic values determined by the VibroUnit-FFT allow targeted monitoring of typical machine faults, both internal and in the downstream control system, such as imbalance, alignment errors, gear tooth errors and bearing damage.
Anti-Surge Control Valve with pneumatic actuation, exceptional dynamics and quick opening times of less than 1 second.

- exceptional dynamics

- quick opening time <1 sec

- safe plug connection

- practically wear-free

- consistently low leakage rate

- suitable for oxygen

- certified in compliance with TA-Luft

- integrated positioner

- variable valve characteristics

- optimal performance even
with cascaded control
IN COURSE OF PLANT MODERNIZATIONS existing machines are often switched over to operation via DCS. This means that hydraulic actuators will be controlled via 4 ... 20 mA signals

Hydraulic  actuators  are  often  used  in  combination  with turbo compressors and steam or gas Turbines. Their task is  to  run  blow-off  valves,  inlet  guide  vanes  as  well  as valves  for  steam  or  gas  supply.  Due  to  their  reaction  without delay, hydraulic actuators are perfectly suited for
control tasks. In  terms  of  control  it  would  be  a  step  backwards  to  replace  a hydraulic actuator by a pneumatic one. 

A  closed  loop  actuator  always  includes  the  actuator  itself and  the  positioner  (the  pilot control  with  integrated  position feedback).  The  pilot  control  consists  of  a  combination  of  ele-ments  as  pilot  valve,  feedback  piston,  levers,  springs  and  dia-pragm bellows. Experience has shown that many  service  engi-neers  hesitate  to  touch  this  complexly  appearing  me
chanical unit  and  avoid  any  maintenance  or  adjustment  work.

They rather prefer their replacement by suitable electronics. Such  a modification  becomes  necessary  in  case  of  implementing  the unit into a DCS. Common  solutions  are  the  implementation  of  I/p-converters (mA to pneumatic pressure) or I/h-converters (mA to  hydraulic
pressure)  between  electrical  controller  output  and pilot  control. 

-  The characteristic values determined by the VibroUnit-FFT help to provide the key information required for a reliable vibration analysis. Without adequate information, even an experienced vibration expert is unable to reach a solid conclusion.

-  Thanks to the digital preservation in the control system or SCADA system, the temporal development of the applicable vibration components can be observed and evaluated in correlation with the relevant machine and process data. This enables a fast and reliable diagnosis, often without having to consult an expert!

-  Only by monitoring the frequency-selectively determined characteristic values can potential faults be detected in time, which allows scheduling of repair standstills.
- small dimensions and low weights

- simple installation

- flexible installation orientation

- no restrictions on inlet/outlet piping

- easy change-over of safe-position

- very low maintenance costs

- excellent cost/performance ratio

- standard delivery within 3 to 4 weeks
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